I lost a word in english

you know the film crease, at the last song before they are going to sing she says something like hey stud it is like a real man, hadsome and sexy but i don’t know the exact word can someone help me please xxx

Isn’t it “Tell me about it, Stud”?

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yes i thougt so to but when i put it in the dictionary it gives me not that. But things that are not related to a boy so can i use it in my story or not and what is the correct grammar xxx

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I’m sorry, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking?

look when i type it in in my translator it gives me this:
Definities van stud.

zelfstandig naamwoord

a large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, especially for decoration.

The shape of the headrest follows Zulu style, but brightly coloured plastics, insulation tape and metal studs decorate the core.

synoniemen: button, fastener, knob, boss, ornament, jewel

an upright support in the wall of a building to which sheathing, drywall, etc., are attached.

The heads of nails, or dry wall screws, used to fasten plaster-board to studs often pop out.

a rivet or crosspiece in each link of a chain cable.

Haven’t you noticed each time you rivet another row of studs into that protective armour, how life slides by and slams you?

an establishment where horses or other domesticated animals are kept for breeding.

a stud farm

a form of poker in which the first card of a player’s hand is dealt face down and the others face up, with betting after each round of the deal.

It will have 16 tables for roulette, black jack, stud poker , dice and ponto banco.


decorate or augment (something) with many studs or similar small objects.

a dagger studded with precious diamonds



Minder definities

Zie ook

stud bolt, press stud, stud farm, stud-horse

So i don’t really know if it is used and if stud is the wright way to write it.

“Stud” in this sense has two meanings:

1: An attractive man (someone who is good looking).
2: A man who is cool and “bad-ass”.

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He is the two so what is a good name for that lol

Oh, so you want a different word to “Stud” that has the same meaning?

No i am ok with that i just wanted a conferm if it is still used or not. xx

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Oh yeah sure I think people still use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks dear xxx

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