I lost all of my writing progress!

Hey guys, I was coding on the portal yesterday when all of sudden all of my progress was gone! I don’t know what I did wrong! Does anyone know how I’ll be able to get it back? Please, I’m a new author and it’s already hard for me to code as it is :confused:


Did you save?

^ Yeah maybe you didn’t save it. I’m sorry about that. I’d go crazy.

Yes, I saved it, but then it just all disappared…

Have you clicked on See All Previous Revisions?

Sometimes I loose my coding but since I saved my coding I go there.

Yes, I have but for some reason it’s only saved 200 lines… :sob:

when you accidently delete something CTRL Z help to get it back - but you have to do it immediately and not refresh the page then it doesnt work.

If you havent deleted it by accident it seem to me you probalby forgot so save it or it crashed before it got actually saved.

Well anyway I dont think there is way to get it back.

Check the button called “See All Previous Revisions”
Depending on where you saved, your progress might be there.

OMG! How did that even happen? That sounds so Tragic!

I did check it, and I was only able to get about 200 lines :confused: But it’s fine, better than nothing I suppose. And I’ve already written down 100 more lines :slight_smile:

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