I lost my story and don't know the name or author!

:anger::warning: HELP!! :warning:I had just started reading this story about a girl named Alex (default) who has type 1 diabetes. I learned this in the first few parts of the pilot. I forgot what it was about, but it looked really interactive for a User story. It had 30 chapters so I’m really upset it closed on me. If you know about a story where you have to moderate her blood sugar and stuff, help me out please!!


It seems very interesting ! I would really like to read this story too but unfortunately I don’t know the title either ! :pensive:
I would probably read it when the title will be revealed ! :joy:

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Was it in ink or Limelight? Any idea what the cover looked like? Do you remember any of the description?

It was limelight. I don’t remember the cover.

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