I lost the story I was reading when I was on chapter one

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Hi! Sorry I really don’t know how this stuff works but I was reading a story and I lost it and it was like a girl called brook and she took a year off college or something anyway she comes back for her last year of college and the popular girls are Jen, Jenifer and Jenna and they call them the Jens.
Jen sleeps with ( I pretty sure he’s the love interest) and she wants to get back together with him cause they previously dated but he keeps brushing her off and he’s on the basket ball team I think anyway and the coach tells the team that they have to keep a B average or their will be Consequences And the teams pissed.
Sorry I was reading chapter 1 when my phone glitched and disappeared and this all I know and some probably useless information but I’d really appreciate if someone knew what it’s called​:two_hearts::cherry_blossom:

Ink or LL? Romance or what genre? Author name or anything?

I Really don’t know…

Scoring Your Heart
Author: Regina Summers

I’m pretty sure that’s it


Omg!! Thank u so much!!!

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