I lost two stories I was reading before changing my phone :) Please help

Hey! :blush:
This seems pretty random but I really need help with finding two really amazing stories that I was reading a few months back. I changed my phone from android to Iphone and my silly ass deleted the episode app and sold the android lmao :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
The first one had a theme where the MC is interning with a modelling agency called DNA (not too sure that’s the name). The main love interest is a very famous model from the same agency. There’s also the MC’s devil sister, who makes her life living hell (she later turns out be her mother lol :open_mouth:). MC also has a boyfriend who turns out to be abusive. And in the last episode I read, the main love interest of the story ends up beating the MC’s bf to death when he finds out about his abusive behavior. The story is in INK.
For the second story whose title I don’t recall, I do know the name of the two main love interests: Nick and Noah. They’re brothers. Both like the same girl (MC). It’s in INK too.

THANK YOU! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

No idea but they sound saucey