I love bad boys!


Now that I’ve got your attention lol.

I have to admit I usually love the “bad boys”. Not because they are “bad” but because they are usually complex and interesting. Are some of the guys just assholes and treat people like trash? Yes. But I find in most stories I read, these so called bad boys aren’t really bad. These are the characters I like. There always seems to be a misconception or some reason behind some of their not so great behavior.

I love complex and interesting characters. What they’ve done and been through. Sometimes characters can be very bland or 1 dimensional but character development is one of my favorite things in stories. Watching them grow or change is always interesting because the characters you see in episode 1 may not be the same characters you see by the end.

Anyone agree or disagree? What are some of your favorite types of characters to see in stories?


Bad girls are more awesome :sunglasses:


YAAS :sunglasses:


I get what you mean sometimes the “bad boys” are more like anti social boys


I have a character like this in my story, I’m actually in the middle of writing the reason he became bad.
Check it out if you’re interested, it’s called Hale Huna and it’s brand new!


I know you love bad boys, and I respect that.
Personally, I prefer some characters that have a nervous shell outside but are actually very confident inside. It kind of gives a reader a surprise twist.


I would reccomend loving the lost boy to you


Oo that sounds interesting too!


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I’m actually not a fan of jerks XD
Let’s treat each other with respect!
But, of course a story is interesting if the character is well-developed.
Perhaps they act like this because of past events?
Childhood events can shape behavior…


I love the bad boys :heart:
Although, I can’t stand if the guy is treating a girl without any respect… or worse!

My heart will be always taken by the bad boys who are just big softies under their leather jackets :heart_eyes: (My Preston is just like that!)