I love my forum wife


I really love my forum wife @SilverStar because she is awesome and very mysterious. I became engaged to her because of a dare and when we married I felt it was a great ceremony and I appericiated the fact that due to time zones she was up rather late.

I know I’m not the only person who has been married through their forums so this thread is for those of you married people to express your love for your significant other.:heart:


cries in single


Aw :sob:

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@SilverStar the first topic I ever made is dedicated to you wifey


:joy::joy::joy: sorry


OMG! This was your FIRST EVER topic?!

Sorry if you wanted it to be something else :sweat_smile:


No it’s ok I didn’t have anything in mind :joy::joy: besides @SilverStar is worth it




I love my forum wife…


greeeeaaattt :smiley:


Thanks for treating my aunt well!!!


Of couse your kingdom and ours are close allies plus I love her :joy::joy:


Of course!


This really nice thing. Aww​:sob::cry::blush::smiley:. Be happy


Aww thanks :kissing_heart:
and I sort of know this is a dare by some convo I saw just now. I’m gonna go check the T or D later to see if I’m correct


its a dare but I still love you wifey :kissing_heart:


That’s how it all started


It started with a dare episodes next featured story dun dun dunnnnnn


Lol :joy::joy::joy:


Dares are beautiful things