I love you Harry Styles

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@SilverStar lol, you are stalker…

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I’m not
I just found this thread somehow while I was scrolling just now

Lmao,…don’t tell @Drama_Queer

Lol you just tagged her
She’ll see this

I know…:expressionless:

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Sorry @Drama_Queer

how DARE you?! I loved you, and you cheat on me with HARRY FUCKING STYLES?!

I loved you… :sob:

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Lol, this was a looong time ago I’m so sorry…


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Star you here for the drama?

What makes it worse was that I wasn’t your first choice… sniffles


WHAT IS MEAN IS THAT YOU LOVED HARRY STYLES FIRST YOU IDIOT! runs away from topic crying, changes facebook relationship to “it’s complicated”

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Lol, I’m sorry but you only asked me 3 days ago, sooooooooooo

@Drama_Queer please calm down…:no_mouth:

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You’re past finally caught up with you​:smirk::smirk::smirk:

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I didn’t even do anything…:sob:

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