I love yto hear your opinion

This is incomplete I did everything besides the expression. The hand is also miss do to the fact that I did this on a mobile app and they’re very difficult to do but I would love to hear what guys think of my progress

Hey, that looks really good! I’d say the outline could be worked on a little, but other than that, it looks really good! What’s the line on the woman’s stomach? It spans from the man’s waist to his forearm.

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The shading and colouring is good, maybe just work a little on outline :ok_hand:

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That’s was an accident, that app have a bug in it. So lines like that happens from time to time

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Ah, okay. I’d love to see it when it’s completed :heart:

Um. I’d advise you to focus on creating an outline first. Doing what you’re doing now won’t take you far down progress lane.
If you really want to improve art skills I suggest also watching youtube tutorials or Instagram tutorials. But tbh, without solid outline shading or coloring doesn’t really matter.
Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, but thanks to the app I can’t do much about the outline.

What app are you using?


I know it is not perfect but I gave it my best shot

It looks good but you could try the app Ibis Paint X to draw. I use it and it is free and easy to use.:blush:

Yeah I have it I am experimenting with different apps to see which one I prefer

That looks good! I’d say the arm is too long, and the outline still needs some work, but otherwise, it’s great :heart::smile: