I’m begging for your help! I need an ink customisation template! 😂 UPDATE: found it!

If anyone can give me an ink customisation template I would greatly appreciate it! ILL GIVE CREDIT OOF

thanks :heart:

You can find INK and LL here:

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tHANKS SO MUCH FRIEND :joy::heart:

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no problem :wink:

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Wow it was long af

But so worth it

I’ll credit you and the person who made it :heart:

@Sydney_H I found what I needed, please close this thread when you can! :smile:

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no need :relaxed:, just credit dara for these templates

Are you sure?

And yeah I copied the part where it says “readerMessage this template is by —“ so don’t worry :ok_hand:

Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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