I’m being catfished! Help!

So I came across this girl on instagram…

and swore to god that her profile had simplynessa’s mouth on it. So I decided to go in her dm’s and play along.
I asked if her if that’s really her. This is how it went down.


She kept calling herself ugly and blah blah. After reassuring her, I told her I’d do an art piece because her selfie disappeared seconds later, so I convinced her to send it again so I could take a screenshots to do a reverse image search.
But I recognize her face from somewhere. I just know it’s no her. And after you’ve seen this picture you’ll have to agree with me.
This was the picture she sent me.

The selfie

That fr looks like a model. And not in a complimentary way.
Like that’s not a person. That’s a catfish.

The fact that she called herself ugly, sent me a brief picture, and her profile doesn’t even look remotely close to her selfie she sent me; makes me believe 100% that she’s cat fishing.

I wouldn’t call someone out like this unless I was positive.

Since google isn’t working worth crap, can the internet help me?

Do any of you guys recognize her or can help me find out who this is so I can inform the boy she’s been dating online?


I confronted her and exposed her on instagram. She changed her account and went on private.
Mission completed.
Catfish exposed.
Thanks for your help guys.


Fr if any of you recognize her, lemme know so I can expose her.
We don’t like a sister catfish

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I know I’ve seen the girl in the selfie somewhere as well, I’ve done a bit of a search unfortunately haven’t found anything but imma search some more to help out


Thank you!
Glad I wasn’t the only one who recognized the girl in the picture.

No problem, I think the girl in the photo is a model I’ve seen on instagram

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I think it might be Emily didonato?
What do you think?

I think you might be right, the smile lines, cheekbones, eye colour and the nose are pretty much exactly the same, but I can’t find that same selfie so I’m not completely sure

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No, not her. The eyebrow bone is off

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this photo looks really similar


Still vote no. The girl in the selfie is obviously younger than the model

I’m gonna get it out of her.
I messaged her and told her I reversed searched her photo and that I won’t tell anyone if she just admits it.

Yeh she does look younger

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She’ll just block you

Maybe it was of a younger version of her.
The picture qualities pretty bad.
Maybe it was an earlier picture from an older phone

Then it’ll prove that she’s a liar


That is 100% catfish. If she really was in hospital, then why would she give her older brother her phone?! And why would she be calling herself ugly then giving a model photo that they found online?!


It’s best to leave these people alone and not waste your time on them lol
Hopefully, they realize at some point that stealing and using someone else’s photo as their own is awful and theft.
Trust me, I called out someone for catfish and got blocked-not pleasant : (
I did spend time looking for that image on Google though, but I can’t find an exact copy, sorry :frowning:
Perhaps it’s Mathilde Goehler?

Some pics of her:

Again, this is just a guess- I am not sure!