I’m bored so... ur opinion



I get to a point that I hate episodes… cause guys aren’t nothing similar to real life… in real life they cheat, treat u like a option and just mess with u…


I find quite a lot of things wrong with this statement. Don’t you think you’re being sexist when you say that all men cheat on their girlfriends, and treat them like garbage? Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but this is wrong on so many levels.


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but what you described guys apparently do in real life is like what 89% of episode boys do tho


Hmm… By “boys in real life” did you mean “boys on Episode”? I don’t know which guys you hang out with, but I have many male friends who are amazing people and treat others with respect, including their significant other :slightly_smiling_face:


Luckily, I can’t relate to that statement :))
I’ve never personally met any guy that has cheated or treated his partner like crap. Honestly, most guys I’ve met were a little childish, funny, calm and had a great amount of respect for women. I have so many great guy friends and they would never treat their partner the way you described.