I’m confused if I can use this in my story

So I’m working on a story where there are a couple of bullies but I’m not sure if I can include that or not because of the new guidelines. I know the guidelines say not to glorify it or anything like that which makes sense but does that mean we can’t show it at all? I originally planned on having it and then at the end it would be taken cared of (stand up to her and get others to help)

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I think you can. I have a story with bullies and my story was still acceptable

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yes you can

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Idk @Tyler?


Promoting bullying would be in the realm of suggesting the readers that bullying is a good thing to do in order to get ahead. Having bullying in a story is all good as long as you make sure it’s framed negatively.

Make sure those bullies get their just desserts! :v: Bullying on storycards would be a no no though



Thank you

Thanks, Tyler! It would/will be portrayed negatively, the only positive thing will be when it gets handled and taken care of

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Are we allowed to include blood? Like in my story someone is beating up a bully and they start bleeding am I allowed to do that?

Then they get expelled.