I’m confused! What is this?

What is this?
Today I logged in Episode, and saw this. Can anyone tell me more about it? Thanks!


Yes! I saw this too and was about to ask the same thing.

yeah I’m hella confused. @Ryan do you know something?

Yeah, if it’s a creator contest I am participating in it!

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Hells yeah, me too. I want to go to Hollywood

So confused! Is it a prize or a contest?

What’s a creator’s contest? Like Fantastical? Or Like Dolan Twins

I think like Fantastical

Definitely participating then. I love dancing so much, and think of the possibilities with overlays!

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True that! I just wish they would put the details up already… :sweat_smile:

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for one moment i thought they would release Dirty Dancing Story. I love this movie. :heart_eyes:

Good luck for the contestants :v:


Nobody puts baby in the corner!!!

Ok I really hope they release the details soon because this contest is screaming my name. I probably won’t be eligible for the trip but I hope people from all countries can enter anyway (like Pitch Perfect).


I’m definitely joining this one. If this is the next contest… This will be really hard, where gifs will shine. :see_no_evil: I’m so excited, I hope this is contest like Fantastical :heart::heart:

Me too. I figured it was like the one they had for Pitch Perfect. I expected to find information about it on the forums but nothing yet. Maybe they want to give a few more days to let people promote Fantastical stories and then they will post it?


For all we know, they may release this story on Episode at some point. I noticed it was just this little ad and nothing else yet.

Not related, but did you ever publish your story?

I just wondered if it got released a little early by accident because when you click on it, it tells you to check out Episode’s instagram account for entry details. I really hope they announce it soon because I already really want to enter lol… (all my currently unpublished or planned stories are glaring at me right now lol)


Nope… :crazy_face:

That’s possible. I don’t want to enter it, but I am curious about it.

Well maybe one of the next ones then.

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