I’m confused! What is this?


I won’t be eligible for any trips, but if they let everyone enter (like they did for Pitch Perfect) I may… I wasn’t going to enter any more contests until I finished my current stories but this one is screaming out to me lol.


I was actually going to ask this…
I saw this and was very curious about it…
Not sure if I would enter though…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I already started working on the 4th chapter of my Fantastical story so…
Don’t want it to get left behind…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


How exciting! Already am planning some stories! :wink:


Is it because of the movie? I love the movie. I am tired from doing the last contest. If it was different timing, I’d consider it. I probably need a little more practice before I enter another contest.


That… and the fact that I danced for over 14 years :wink:
Dancing was a huge part of my life for a long time so as soon as I saw this contest I was like YESSSS


I always wanted to learn how to dance, but now I think I’m too old.


Never too old :wink:


That’s great. What kind of dancing did you do?


Jazz, tap and ballet :slight_smile:
I’m hoping the prompt will be something dance related but also something that will let us write in any genre.
The Perfect Pitches one had nothing to do with the actual movie, it just had to be a comedy, so I’m not sure what they’ll do for this contest (presuming there is a contest and this isn’t some giant mistake lol).


Check it out here Announcing our Dirty Dancing Creator's Contest!


Did you read the information for the contest yet? It seems very specific. I had an idea for it but I don’t know if I would do it. I think its probably an idea a lot of other people would do anyhow. That sounds like fun! I did those dance classes too when I was younger but just for 2-3 years. You said you would not qualify for the grand prize?


I won’t qualify for the grand prize and based on rule 1 I can’t enter at all lol so I guess I’m out. I honestly don’t think many people will enter this one but I could be wrong.


Same. I think it’s a little unfair we can’t even enter


Yeah… lol


At first I was not gonna enter but I frt that I should try. I live in the UK I could enter…


I wish the guidelines regarding who can even enter the contest are way too strict and specific, it’s just unfair at this point.