I’m creating a story and need help



Hi ! I’m actually next to this and I’m making a story ! I’d really appreciate if someone would like to help me and give me ideas ! :slight_smile:


What is the story about?


Hey it looks cool to help you I have from my horoscope a fishes so I have very much idea’s I would love to help you xxx Ahista


A girl falling for a bad boy who ends up causing trouble with her


Yes the more the merrier!


Thank you so much


Hi me and my friend could help with some art if needed and If @Epy.raven agrees


Do you want it to be like a drama/romantic type thing?


Do you have Instagram? I’ll tell you there !


Yes I have instagram


Yes ! Exactly! They’re both very mean each other and they were even causing problems for others when they weren’t together


Everyone my instagram is episode. Tyler


Episode.Tyler * sorry


Right, so what I’m thinking is at some point on the story the two of them are making everyone fed up and everyone turns against the two, even their parents don’t want them together and try to split them up, they then start blaming eachother and saying things like “You’re the reason why we are getting split up” & I wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for you etc, etc. So it’s like a love hate relationship. Does that sound good?


AHHHH ! You stole the words out of my mouth yes yes yes !!


Can we talk about this on IG tho :rofl: it’s so much


I don’t have an ig sorry XD


OHHH sorry


Maybe private message? On Episode forums


Mine is episode.Tyler