I’m creating a story


I need some help to get it running. I’m trying to make this about my experience that I actually experience a few days ago but I want to make this story different but I can’t go any further because I make some errors with moving characters and having the scenes back grounds plus I would love for other person to make me some backgrounds please I need some partners for this any one that’s sad come I need and can’t wait for this to be published


I can do some background edits if you want and I can help fix the errors!


Hiya! I would start with Joseph Evans’s tutorials on YouTube and then slowly branch out. The best way to learn about moving characters is to just do… each mistake brings you a little closer to making an amazing story. The backgrounds? Check out the art section on the forums for some people who like creating backgrounds. There are also some pre-made backgrounds by a bunch of amazing artists on here who just ask that you credit them in the story somewhere. Also, again, check out Joseph Evans’s website episodelife.com because there are loads of backgrounds on there that aren’t on Episode!


That’s so useful but should watch them everyday to get the hang of it


That be great if u can Izzy charmer because I want to make it so warm and easy on the eyes and al even say u helped too


How can I let u help me should I send the pictures of the characters or should I send the story


I don’t really mind. But I can’t read the story as my phone is broken :sob: