I’m curious I guess 😂?

Still a newbie at using the forum.
Just wondering, how do y’all do the ‘quote’ thing for the forum and how do you the ‘polls’ (i was some do it here recently)
Hopefully, you can understand what I meant, cause it’s kind of confusing if I read it in third person perspective :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:t2:
Anyways, I also started an IG account for episode. You guys can follow if you want, I can follow back too !
IG handle: caramelmilktea.epi



To quote, run your mouse over the thing you want to quote, a grey bubble should pop up and say “quote”

To build a poll, click reply and click the gear, you will see an option that says “build poll”
I hope this helps!

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I understand the “quote” thing but I’m still not sure about the “ poll” thing…
anyways, thanks for helping me :star_struck::sparkles: !

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Oh, nvm I understand the “poll” thing already hehe
Tysm m8 :yellow_heart::sparkles: !

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