I’m doing reviews :)


Hey y’all, i’m doing reviews. Please just fill out the form



Hey, @brvnda! I just submitted a form. Hoping to see my review soon! :heart:


woah i really need to publish my story lmao


you were the first one. so i’ll definirely do yours asap! :smiley:


Yay, glad to hear that! :smile:


Bump ~!


I would definitely do this, but I’ve just had a review on my first episode and I have a lot to change. Maybe I’ll fill out a form once I’ve redone everything, so thanks for doing this for people @brvnda :blush:


yay! :smiley:


Submitted!! :hugs:


thanks, :heart:


Nope, thank you! :wink::joy:




great! can’t wait to read!


@brvnda Hey I filled out the forum! I’m not any rush so take your time! :heart::two_hearts::blue_heart:


Just submitted! Hope you can review and thank you for doing this!


Hey there! I filled out your form but I made a mystake at the story link :worried: instead of just the link, I accidentally pasted everything else LOL IM SO SORRY.



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