I’m Done With This

Y’all can comment your stupid excuse here!

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Don’t go… you have no reason to leave… people on forums love you!!

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Wdym stupid exucuse? I sincerely want you to stay.

Right please don’t leave because other people hurt you. I’m honestly at a lost for words and idk I’m at a lost. You’re such a sweet person to talk to and it hurts me to know you’re leaving this way.


I’m not leaving cause of other people I am leaving because of what i did to people


Honey ignore you made someone upset it’s okay. I mean we all do that at times. As long as you’re not wishing death on someone or bullying you’re good. Honey no one is perfect, and all of us don’t want you to leave at all.


I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have tooo



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Please stay safe and I wish you the best in life. :grin:

Just please stay safe and remember that we’re still always going to be here for you no matter what okay? And if you want to talk just tell me or message me on discord I’m always there or here.

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@Aerial_author Okay, I actually can’t even express to you how much I want you to stay. This is all my fault, I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. But please don’t leave. We’ve become so close in just a few days and I can’t stand to lose another person due to drama. You did nothing wrong. You’re a great person! Please stay. :blue_heart:


Please stay. You’re my best friend, and I’d be devastated. You haven’t done nothing to anyone! :hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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I have done lost of things wrong

No you have not!

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Yess I have

No. Because you’re a sweet person. Plus, you have a lot of friends!

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Not anymore

What do you mean?

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I have no friends anymore

I don’t know who told you that. I’m your friend!

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