I’m Done With This

Yess I have

No. Because you’re a sweet person. Plus, you have a lot of friends!

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Not anymore

What do you mean?

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I have no friends anymore

I don’t know who told you that. I’m your friend!

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Awww thanks that means a lot

You’re welcome.

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You still have loads of friends!! Me as just one of them! :blue_heart:

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I’m sorry but j will still be leaving

I know that I probably won’t be able to change your mind, and I don’t know you very well, but there are so many people on the forums that will miss you. Ignore the drama starters, but you have so many friends who will sincerely miss you if you leave.
:sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

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I am the drama starter

I’s sure that’s not true. Even if you are it doesn’t matter. So many people are asking you to stay, so even if you do create drama, these people really like you for who you are. I’m sure if you leave, they’ll respect it, but they’ll miss you.


I doubt it but thanks

I’ve seen so many threads with people asking you to stay. The people how are asking aren’t lying, they’re telling the truth. At this point, even people who don’t know you want you to stay on the forums.

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Okay I just read through this thread and what I got was Aerial wants to leave cuz she caused some drama or something

@Aerial_author I don’t really know u that well yet but drama is always there and the drama or whatever can be over if both sides want it to stop? I read something about Jas leaving or Idk… But I’ll just assume it is first. If u r gonna leave cuz Jas left, I’ll talk to her as well.

How about a deal? If Jas stays u stay. Kay? I ain’t taking no for an answer and I hope I ain’t late…


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