I’m done writing

I am done with writing period. I came on to episode about a year ago wantin to write and share my stories and I even got so far as to publish a story with 6 episodes but now I’m done. Writing is now draining and I feel that episode takes up my whole life, so I’m deleting my accounts and moving on to the next chapter of my life… thank you so much to everyone who has been there for me though out this experience, I love you all and safe wishes!


Wait so u won’t be on forums anymore either?

Sad, your giving up writing. But bye.

i honestly don’t think i could ever do that. maybe it wasn’t meant for you if it made you feel this way. wish you the best in whatever makes you happiest : )


As someone who adores writing, it’s sad to read this but I understand. You tried writing and it wasn’t your passion. Writing stories isn’t for everyone. You should do what you enjoy and perhaps it’ll take you time to find your passion but when you do, it’s something you’ll never want to give up on. Good luck :heart:


I know what you mean. I have been on here for a year, and so far I only published one sucky story which I deleted, and am currently trying to write 2 more stories but it’s teally slow.
But I learned so much and have improved.
Maybe one day I might quit writing, or I will finally improve to the fullest. Regardless, there are more things to do on episode.
If you create an Instagram account and join the community; you can be an editor, a story reviewer, a background/overlay creator, and so much more!
Don’t leave just because writing isn’t your thing, there are many possibilities here and most of the people are really great. Find your thing and go with it. Oh and give it some shots, don’t give up on your first try. It takes a while to do something great.


I understand if hoby becomens unhealhy adiction one sometimes needs to cut it of to get back to himself.
IThere is nothing worng on it! Rea life is still more important thant writing stories.

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I can relate. I like coding but it is draining. And I spend wayyy to much time on Episode

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