I’m first time story writer can I please get some support in reading story

I been a episode user for over 5 years and decided to write my own story but I dint know how to get support so I’m asking the episode community to help a sister out thanks in advance


I love POURED OUT WITHOUT MIXTURE! Check it out! http://bit.ly/EpisodeHere #episode


I will check it out

I will read it as soon as my ticket has been refilled haha
Would you like to do R4R?

Yes most certainly what’s the name of the story you want me to read

Story Title: Speechless
Author: Episode.Cheesecake
Style: Ink
Chapters: 3 (More to come!)
Genre: Romance and Comedy
Description: There are a million different ways to say “I love you”. Noah’s happens to be the one without words. After meeting Grace unexpectedly, Noah’s life takes a turn to another direction.
Instagram: @episode.cheesecake

Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4721651453329408

Hey! Would you like to do an R4R? :smile:

Title: Wounded Souls
Author: SarahLuv
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)
Instagram: epi.sarahluv
Description: Shanelle has dealt with her deranged father all her life. With the help of Rowan, a guy she meets by chance. Will she be able to survive the wrath of her father’s demented games?
Story Link: http://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/6310776851726336

I’d be willing to do a read for read with you!
Story: Sorry, Wrong Number
Genre: Thriller
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.”
When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5933958626344960