I’m Freaking Out Right Now



Is there a way to solve this? I really hope there is, The Twins had 13k+ reads and I’ve worked really hard on this story!


Calm down, let’s figure this out.

Check your emails, did you get a message from Episode?


Could you send me a screenshot of details?


Did you pushed the button “Details”?


oh damn, that must suck.
i’ll try to help get it reversed.

do you know what TOS means ?


Looks like you story has been banned or temporarily banned until you fix an issue.

@Starlynn TOS probably means terms of service.


Yeah, that makes sense.
Based on what “details” means, you might be able to change that aspect of your story & send a support ticket to get it republished.


Your story is removed!!??
It violates some guidelines as “TOS” or something…
I don’t know…


Check what the details are and what you violated. Did you get any warnings about violating the terms and stuff? Try maybe contacting somebody or filing a support ticket to get more information.


The TOS are the terms of service. Meaning the Episode Guidelines, meaning your story violated them in some way and has been removed, probably temporarily. Check your email. You should have something explaining the details of its removal. Otherwise, contact the support staff. Odds are whatever guideline is violated can be fixed by working with them. Reach out to your fans to let them know it could be a bit before your story is back and yes, you already know it’s missing. And if you could give us a description of what the story is about, we could try and pinpoint whether it’s an issue with plot/themes or something more like not enough dialogue per episode or something.


Thanks for the help! I found out why it was removed…it was too inappropriate…:grimacing:


@Jeremy or @Ryan any of ya can close this topic. :smile::ok_hand:


Okie, I did get the situation though, so Ima happy, lol. :smile: