I’m having some issues with my app


So I use episode on my phone and have been writing episodes on there. Out of the blue I still have the episodes but my characters and text are gone in all of them. I don’t understand what’s happening. Can someone please help me? I have done a lot of work on there.

Basically what’s happening
-my characters are gone in the insert piece and on the main story part
-the backgrounds are still there
-the amount of episodes there are are still there
-the text is gone

  • all my different stories are still there.

Please help me.


Try filling out a support ticket! I don’t use mobile creation, so I wouldn’t know how to help. It’s probably just a glitch with the app…


Moved to Mobile Creator Report a Bug. :wink: Like Annaliese_Clairemont, suggested, you should probably submit a help ticket to the support team. They’d be glad to help! :smiley: