I’m having trouble getting a character to smack another character

Hi, and when I create a scene to get a character to smack a character, it doesn’t look right and the smacking character isn’t touching the other characters face. It doesn’t look right and I’m trying to figure out a way to fix it. Now I’ve tried to fix it before and I keep getting the same result, especially when I preview it in the app. If anybody knows how to fix it, then please let me know.

NOTE: I am in no way condoning any violent actions, and I know smacking is a violent act, and all I’m doing is seeking information on something.

Are they at equal heights?! This is just to ensure that character 1’s hand connects with character 2’s face.

And also, the character who slaps the other should be a layer above the character who is being slapped.

I have gotten character 1 (who is slapping) layered above character 2 (who is being slapped), but yet I’m still getting the same error.

And yes, I have both my characters at equal heights.

Could you show me your code… so that I can try and fix it for you?!

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