I’m in desperate need of soemone to explain this

I’m trying to figure out why the story I started wont shop up in the app! :sob:I’ve done everything I can think of! Delete the app, re get it. Log out, login, turn my phone on and off- I even submitted a ticket thingy! Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?! I’m about to burst! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Did you published the story??!!!


Your story won’t be visible to readers before you publish…

No like- when you go to edit a story manually on your phone?

It happens sometimes… Just try again after 2-3 hours…

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I have…

how do I edit it then? :fearful: its really hard to do it from my phone, and one of my stories appeared and it only has one chapter and under 400 lines! (None are published)

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im so confuseddd

I think they removed the story creating in the app. I think to see you’re story you would have to publish it. I’m not sure though. :slight_smile: