I’m in need of a english to spanish translator for my story!


My MC speaks english AND spanish but I don’t speak Spanish and I really it to be accurate! If anyone is willing to translate for me that would be great! Don’t worry lol I won’t have tons and tons of spanish dialogue.


I think @_Life knows Spanish or try @Jadlyss


Spanish is my first language. I can help, if you want.


Thank you!


Ahhh thank you so much <3 I’ll dm you or if you have an insta we can talk through there?


I don’t have insta, but you can DM me.


I think I could do it! I’m bilingual.
Spanish is not that hard, and depending on your computer it makes it easier or harder to set the language, but anyways, I know from a-z in “Español.”


Idk if your problem is solved already, but if you need help let me know as I am actually spanish :blush: