I’m in Need Of a Story Plot Writer! Please help me!

Hi there! On the Episode my profile is Zanger! So far, I have published one story by it is locked! I want to publish another one, but I’m not very good at writing plots!

I’m looking to code a story that’s maybe 10-20 episodes. Im a good coder, I can make choices matter, but it would take a while…

Here’s the type of person I would like writing the plot, they have to be okay with a few rules though!

  • The story would be published on my page in the Episode app, credit for the plot will be given!
  • I would do not care what type of story it is, as long as it’s good and you can give me at least four written chapters, it can be in a good doc you share, or something you write on here.
  • You CANNOT quit in the middle of the story, you must finish it!
  • I need two written out chapters with dialog each week.
  • Story must be at least 10 episodes long!
  • I am not coding a story for you, you are writing a plot for me!

Thanks so much for checking out this thread!
I hope I can find a great writer!
Thanks for writing with me!

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what genre do you want it in?

I have some ideas! I can help! What kind of genre were you thinking?

@Aoi.okumura and @Hakuna I don’t care. A horror story would be fun, but whatever would work. #community plot writers!


Someone please help me

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