I’m just going work on one chapter at a time

I think it right thing to do right? At least I feel that way because 400 lines take time especially if you can’t type fast :sob:


I agree I also type very slow which is why I write 100 lines daily so I complete my 1 chapter in 4 days


There’s no wrong way how you make a chapter, so take your time :relaxed:
I’m also pretty slow, but that’s mainly because I’m distracted by my music, haha.

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uhmm it’s not your fault or anything.
to be honest.
I type fast… but sometimes I type wrong words or… it gets… idk… like if I am typing “understand” sometimes it turn out to be “undersantd” then I have to fix it again
and check the whole script all over again.
so it’s good to be slow and do your work properly.

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