I’m kinda loving this idea?

So I’m thinking of the really cool inspirational story, of this high class white woman that falls in love with a low class black man in the 1960s. But I’m not sure if people would read something like that? It’s high school based and will be quite sad and traumatic, as it will have aspects of what actually happened to black people in the older days…


I wouldn’t read it if it becomes like a “white savior” cliché but that’s just me.


I like it, it’s very unique!

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Personally, I wouldn’t read it.

oh big mood. I’m tired of these interracial movies and stories coming out where the white person is the savior. Please can we come up with something else.

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It actually the other way around, The “black” man saves the white girl.

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Is this some forbidden love kinda thing?


As a black male I just wouldn’t read it :grimacing::grimacing:I mean technically nothing is wrong with the plot… it’s just a little off putting


Yes! But the man knows he shouldn’t be with her, the man did something to make the woman fall in love with him.

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