I’m looking for a art scene artist



so i’m currently writing a mid season finale and i really want a art scene to end it with.
Not just a special made one with episode characters but really drawn.
I’m kinda broke rn cuz i need to pay my rent and bills and stuff so i can’t really afford any other costs besides all of that so if your up to do it for free hit me up

loves and kisses


Episode diamonds can


Here are some Examples of art scene we did recently



Yeah i saw it and it’s wonderful but it’s closed


we are closed but half of our members are not busy




I do mines for free. I just love to draw so send me whatever you would like the image to be and I will take care of it. I am still working on a drawing since I have done some unscheduled things this weekend, but I havent stopped working on anything. So let me know everything from the characters’ features to the posing and such. I can take care of that. :blush:


Should i pm it to you or just on here ??


You can pm me. I believe it may be easier.