I’m looking for a Co Writer, someone to help with codes, and Cover Art, and Overlays


In Search of a co writer


I can try on the cover art, try… but is it ink… and maybe I can help on the other things you might need


Ok. I’m trying to do a limelight story and this is my first story I’ve wrote 3 pages but haven’t finished it yet but I think it’s orertt good would you be interested in coding for me or helping me continue the story? I can tell you what I have so far


Sure pm me?


I could help! I like to think I’m good at art and coding


It’s not letting me message you so can you message me please


Okay awesome do you have any already made that I can see and I definitely will need your help with coding. Message me please


Check your pm


Hi @Milah, Sydney the Moderator here! Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

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