I’m looking for a story but I forgot the name. Please help

So I’m looking for a story, I do not remember the name of it but it was about this American company and involved Neverland (from Peter pan) and the pixie dust was like a drug. I remember one character was named Callie and she had red skin. It’s a strange story but it’s good. If you have any idea to what I’m talking about please respond.

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I’m having the same issue. Can someone help me find a story that I forgot the name of. The main character is named Hailey. And the guys name is Kai. He is a leader of a mafia and found Hailey after she ran away. Her parents, that were long gone were the leaders of the American mafia she found it out from Kai. So if you guys the name of it plz plz plz let me know thanks :heart::heart::heart:

Hey!! I also lost a story all I remember is this girl and her husband had a big business. He ended up cheating on her with one of their models. Well then the wife went back home and a “fairy grandmother” figure kind of cursed her so she never was in her own body. For days to weeks she would be in other people’s bodies and would randomly change. In one of her bodies she fell in love with a guy and has to find him EVERYTIME. ( I think I don’t remember that part very well) she ended up making a new best friend from one of her other bodies. And her old best friend. They both helped her get around. That’s as far as I remember someone help me find the story!!

The Curse of Charlie?

I also forgot the name of a story I read a while ago, but it’s about a girl who was home while her parents went away to vacation because of something that happened, later intruders were coming into her house? But some guy saved her and brought her to his mansion, the guy was very cold, and he was tryna get revenge on his dad. The girl later found out that her parents was involved that was why they went away. I don’t know if it made any sense because I forgot most of it but I really want to read it. Please help!

Hiiii! I am new here… I am looking for a story, and i forgot name of it. Theres a girl named Molly, and she has an ex boyfriend, than her ex bf comes back to the town. He has a gf who is a model. He doesn’t stop talking about Molly. It is Christmas, they played one game one night, and it was about who knows her ex better, and Molly and his gf were answering to questions, and Molly knew him better. I am sorry if i have some mistakes in writing, i am not american, or english. So yeah, if someone knows the story answer please.

It sound a little like Caught Up in the moment by Ana Stacy, but it has been a while so I don’t really remember the story.


I’m looking for a story but I forgot the name of it. It’s a story about two lawyers & their dads companies are competition against each other, the main character is called Zara Davies??

The name of the story is Star-crossed Lovers.

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Thank you!!!

I’m also looking for a story all I can remember it’s about this girl who moved into an apartment and finds she has to share it with a boy called Alan they end up falling in love but this girl who works at his work likes him and tries to break them up they also pretend to be married because at Alan’s work you have to be married the girl is called Emily

I am here also because I forgot the name to a story I was reading.! It’s about a girl who reads books for a living and she goes ion dates to find someone and they all end up married or weird. And her friends try to set her up with a man who is a therapist because she previously slept with a different therapist. Someone please help!!

Hey anyone know the name of a story abt this guy named Raven who’s like the king/leader of New York? He only has one friend he trusts with his life and he’s like super powerful or something