I’m looking for a story. help please

Hey everybody! I’m looking for a story. a girl goes to a party with her family, and she goes out on the balcony and collides with a boy. when they talk, there’s gunshots. the boy takes her to a secret room to her family. this was like a mafia story. the characters are black. she had a twin brothers. at first, the girl and the boy is smaller. then they meet again at school. ends here. because my battery is dead, so I couldn’t add the story. if anyone knows this book, can you write it?


Oooh i think it might be Deep Attraction 2: Pride and fate
But idk if it is because the characters arent black but the events u descibed r exactly the same so idk, maybe u should check anyways… :woman_shrugging:


Also, there are even the twins and the girl and boy meet on the balcony and then they see each other again at school when they r older so im sure it is definitely deep attraction 2 but its the black characters thing that has me confused…

I looked at the story. it’s the same, but black people are white here. this is confusing, but thanks for your reply:)

Ohhh was it the featured version? Bad Girl Boss? (I have zero clue if the characters are black in the featured version, but it’s based off Deep Attraction 2 I believe)


Yeah, I was wondering if it was Bad Girl Boss, since it’s basically the same intro described, but the characters are white I believe.

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omg!!! yes it is. thank you so much

thank youuu:)