I’m looking for a writing partner!


I want to make a story with someone! I’m quite good at coding so it doesn’t matter if your not the best :grin: So if you’re interested please please message me or reply and I’ll message you! Xx


what kind of story? drama, romance, fantasy?


I’m interested in writing a story with you! However I don’t have experience in coding Sorry


I would love too


Any, i love them all!


It’s fine! I can teach you, or I can do it? I don’t find it hard at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






but I don’t know how to write together do you know? And if you’d like learn about how I write you may read my story ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Can I be ur partner


Hello I will like you to help me with my story The Mocking Jay. It is not like the movie. I do need help please suggest this story and me.
-Thank you if you do
xoxo -skylerbeauty


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