I’m making a cover just for you



I’m making a cover just for you all you need to gove is the ff:
•What’s the story plot
•Give me some emotions
•Prefered color
•Prefered background
•Of course the title
•Don’t hesitate to ask me or say if you don’t like the cover that I made , I can assure you that I’ll make another one to satisfy you .
I can do it for you just dont forget to acknowledge me with my work . Thanks
The sample covers of mine we’re on below

Good luck to your stories!


If you’re still making covers, can I request one? :blush:

What’s the story plot - It’s about a young woman who owns a failing toy shop in a fairly small town. Her sister, who is a journalist, sees her while she’s donating toys to an orphanage and writes an article in her honor. She receives a miracle $10,000 donation from the community for her small toy shop and strange things began to happen. Crimes are being committed and for some strange reason everything points back to the young woman and her toy shop.
Give me some emotions - Happy, worried, anxious, scared
Preferred color - The toy shop is blue so I guess something around that color would work.
Preferred background - Teddy bears? The outside of a toy shop? Anything cute. But something mysterious too. Sorry, if I’m confusing.
Of course the title - I’ve started writing it but I’m still stuck between two titles. Little Toy Shop of Horrors and Mysterious Little Toy Shop. Can you possible do a cover with both titles? If not, I understand and you can just use the second one.