I’m making an inventory and I need help with coding

Hi, I made a story and in one episode, the player will have the choice to check their inventory or not. I’ve used another test story to make the specific coding and it works fine. I know how labels work and know how to code for a player to check their inventory or not. I just need help on the “else”. Here are my four gains:


I coded the story as this:


#janitor_proof inventory code


#janitor_no_proof inventory code


#kitchen_proof inventory code



What would the “else” be? Would it be “kitchen_no_proof”? Im not sure because these are the only four gains this chapter has. Thanks.

Yes, it would be kitchen_no_proof. Basically what the function of an else statement is for anyone that doesn’t fit any of the three conditions already listed (janitor_proof, janitor_no_proof, and kitchen_proof). If they don’t have any of those three gains, the script will default to the else option, no matter what other gains they may have throughout the chapter or story.

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