I’m new and need help


Hi so I have written a few episodes on my mobile app, then I realise I can’t publish from it. so I’ve tried to write a story on my forum but I completely and Otley do not understand how to do any of it anyone can give me some tips or knows anyone who would write the coding for me. any help would be amazing thank you.


I would recommend watching Joseph Evans YouTube videos…he will show you the basics! That’s how I learned everything!
Hope it works out:)


Check the script of the stories you wrote on your phone🤔 watch videos , or the community is always here , feel free to ask anytime🙃
But for me I go with script , cough I write on phone then go on script , edit it :grin: cough


I reccomend watching Joseph Evans, he has helped me a lot.


So how do I do that


Write on phone , got script , type what story you wrote on app , edit it


Thank you


I found Joseph Evans is the best he shows you basic steps on how to start and some of Advanced steps in episode portal. there’s still things I’ve had to ask for help on though but he got me started which is really good he taught me all the basics that I needed to know by watching his videos but if there’s anything after you watch those videos you need some help with cuz I highly recommend watching them then just ask like spot directing things like that and everybody on here is usually really nice and helping everybody out.


Thank you I just sat here and watched your enough all his videos on it and it does seem a lot simpler than I actually thought thank you all so very much


You’re welcome. I write down things I think I may need for later. Like the choice option that way I can go back and refer to it and that at follow and things like that just to make it where if I don’t use them constantly and I forget I can always slip back into my notebook and find it again and any help anybody gives me on here or that I come across town here I jot it down so that I have it for later I keep notes on how to use the directing in the writing portal.lol