I’m new, help wanted!

i was thinking a girl is poor, no friends, family is cruel. She makes a wish and the within the week she notices the changes. More money. Friends. Meeting new people and creating new memories but there are consequences. Any input?


Ah interesting!

So with the wish coming true - is there a reason her wish was granted? Is there a catch to her wish? Maybe, a sinister force is at hand making the wish come true but she must do something in return in order for her wish to be considered well and truly complete?

bumping! Hopefully we can get some more ideas too! I’m not too great with fantasy so hopefully you can get more input from other users as well :smiley:

Yes, this will be my first official story, and I would like to make it as interesting and intriguing as possible. Do you have any ideas on how I could spice things up a little?

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Hmm, maybe when she makes a wish - she gets a deficiency in one way like when she wishes for even more money she must give this sinister being more things in return. So perhaps she has to steal something or does something that is morally questionable - however, after a certain point she can opt out but if she still wants wishes to come true a certain amount of years of her life are cut off.

Try to get any backgrounds or overlays you think you may need a head of time. Like I try to get mine 2 chapters before I need them so that they are ready when I get there! You will still run into things like I did were I changed my story line a little and needed new backgrounds for the chapter I was on but for the most part getting them early helps with being able to update for you’re reader’s a little faster! :slight_smile:

Thank you for this advice, do you have any stories?

Yes, or if she asks for something unreasonable she has to do something in return for the being

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Hey @Molly.epyauthor! If you ever need a go to friend, or just some help, feel free to pm me whenever! I also make custom backgrounds! @QueenMilii_Episode

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I like that idea very much - so if she demands even more money or even for someone to fall for her she must bend over backwards to get it.

I am working on two one is out but I am needing backgrounds and someone is making them for me! Its called Alone tell there was you!
It’s about a single mom of two twins with a bad past. She meets a man at her work that fall’s for her but it tacks her a while to see she likes him as more then a friend! But he is a gang leader and she does not know and when she finds out she gets mad, sad and scared!
My other one witch is not out is called Loving Seth!

Alone tell there was you has no cover yet! I have to update before it will show up if you’re wanting to check it out and if not thats ok! :slight_smile:

Let me know when you’re story is ready! I want to check it out. :slight_smile:

Will do and thank you

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yes I like that idea

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I cannot seem to PM you, do you by any chance have instagram? I am on the more frequently?

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That’s strange! I do, it’s @QueenMilii_Episode

If you need any thing go here