I’m new here on the forums


I’m new on Episode and episode forums, so I do not have friends here. If any one would care to tell me about how things go here and to just be a friend to me that would be nice and appreciated : )


Welcome! :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Of course! The forums are a great place to let themselves be out there
I hope you can be happy and feel like there’s a safe place here!


Thanks, hopefully it will be for me. If others are as welcoming as you are, I would surely be happy here. :heart:


Aw your so nice!




if you have any problems with others just call us!


a lot of drama happens so if you need help we’ll be there!


Welcome! The community here is nice, and you’ll make friends rather fast. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to PM me, haha.


Thank you for welcoming me here : ) And for sure, I will definietly let you guys. Thanks for letting me know.


Definitely and thanks for welcoming me as well. : )


also if you need any help with art heres my art group to help!


Yes of course. I’ll keep that in mind for when I do. Oof I recently got here and people are already so nice. :smile:




Welcome! The forums is an awesome place filled with amazing people, you’ll make fast friends with the people here. :heart:


Thanks, I can already tell. The forums seem filled with many talented and cool people : )


Hi Friend,
where and how do you need this lonely wanderer to contact you to become your friend? :grinning:
I have no friend at all, I am trying to be an author in episode with the help of .INK method but don’t know how to spread it among all.
Besides as I don’t have any friend in episode I am looking for new (like-minded) friends.
Care to be a friend of mine?
Blessings to Norway from India! :india:
Ani.14 :blossom:


Sure I would love to be your friend : )


Well, for that we both need to know each other, right? How and where do you want to communicate?
I might be pretty much elder than you but I don’t think in friendship age can ever be a constraint. What’s your age? From your profile, I come to know we have already one hobby/interest in common and that is drawing and painting. I am a “little-known but not expert” person in many things, I just simply don’t like fishing, gardening, stitching or knitting. Apart from these, you can count me in everything else.

What about you? By the way, I don’t know dancing or singing as well but love them madly.
So… How about you?