I’m new writing for episode, coding tips?

I’m new to episode and I have some good story ideas but I’m not the best at coding. I can code outfits and outfit choices really well but I’m not the best at movements like hugging or kissing. I’m also not the best at placing the characters, any tips?


hey S-Mae my name is Hannah id love to help with anything like coding and writing, id do it for free and ill work with you for how ever long you want. I am a 20 year old writer and i have been writing since i was 12, I have been coding for almost a year now so i can help with coding as well!

Hey! you can use this to learn how to hug and kiss.

I personally started by watching Joseph Evans tutorials on YouTube and would definitely recommend doing so! He covers all the basics with everything you need to get started as well as some more advanced stuff for when you’re ready :two_hearts: