I’m not 18 but writers payments could really help me out... how come the rule is 18?

Hi there! I’m looking to be an author and when I heard that you could make money for a popular story I was really excited. Then I learned the minimum age was 18 and I got a little discouraged. I’m 16 and I love episode. I use it as a creative outlet and it actually really helps me produce things that I like. I haven’t yet published any of my stories, but I’ve written a bunch and I’ve been thinking about it. I’m not assuming that my stories would generate enough views to even make money, but it’s a really cool to think that doing something I love could benefit me in that way. I wouldn’t even be commenting anything right now but my family doesn’t have much money and I’ve just been looking for anything I can do to help haha. I was just wondering why the rule is 18? Thank you to anyone who takes time to respond :slight_smile:


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It’s for legal purposes. Legally a minor can’t sign contracts. However, I don’t think that episode rules out minors when it comes down to the writers payment. If I’m not mistaken they hold onto it or you would need a guardian to sign it.

I think someone who can explain this better is @cherriesandwine


I can’t really answer why that rule exists, but just want to say not to let it stop you. If you manage to “unlock” payments while you’re underage, any amount you earn will accumulate and you get it once you are 18. It would be like a bonus birthday present to yourself. I know it won’t help your family right now, but it can take time to build followers and a solid reader base too so if you have stories in the works, you may as well start working towards it now


I’ll be honest, I actually don’t really know a whole lot about how their payment system works, but if I had to guess, it’s currently restricted to writers 18+ for legal purposes, like @LiyahxWrites said.

Episode/Pocket Gems probably doesn’t want to deal with the legal headache of a minor potentially forging their parent or guardian’s signature to receive payments. On the FAQ, they mentioned they’re working on payments for minors, but I don’t know where they are on this.

Unfortunately for now, the best thing you can do is get your story to reach 500,000 reads (or 100,000 if you’re make your stories gem choices), and maintain it for a certain amount of time. They’ll hold it for you until you turn 18.


cos minors can’t sign contracts

^^^ Just a reminder :bulb: