I’m only going to say this once

STOP. WITH. THE. THREADHOPPING. Artists put in so so so much time & energy into creating art. I literally didn’t sleep because I was finishing requests. So to request from lots of threads because they need it done quick is so disrespectful. Wasting someone’s time and f*cking energy because you want your cover done as quick as possible??? What??? If you’re going to be so unfair to the artists on here then create your own damn work. Stop making people work hard just to not use it. It’s not fair. Period.


And that’s on lack of sleep :face_with_hand_over_mouth::two_hearts: I stay up late to finish requests and thread hopping is disrespectful.


honestly i agree. i don’t do art but i know how annoying it is when you stay up late and go out of your way to help someone, then they just go to other people like they would do it faster.


I did not sleep at all morning through night on Sunday because I was so determined to finish requests. It would break my heart to know that people weren’t even going to use them in the first place. It hasn’t happened to me yet but I’ve seen it happen to my friends and it’s so disrespectful.


Something similar happened to me on another account. Someone asked me to make a detail sheet for them, and I think it took about an hour. That may not be a long time for some of you, but I was pretty disappointed when I saw them using a different detail card just days later. And they were both for the same style!