I’m Promoting My Story!

I only have 29 reads, people have told me it’s really interesting so far, I think it just needs a bit more exposure!!
Btw I’m open for r4r (we can each read 3 chapters and give our opinion)

  1. Title: SECRETS
  2. Author: Goretth :princess:t4:
  3. Genre: Mystery/Romance :heart:
  4. Style: Limelight
  5. About story: Lies, secrets, and drama. Siblings Aneya, Jada and Ubandy might be very different but share one thing in common each hides a deep secret. Will they be able to keep it for long?
  6. Contacts: goretth.episode on instagram
  7. Link: (http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5921999598977024)


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