I’m really confused

Hey guys, I’m really confused and I’ll try to explain this in a way you’ll understand.

Ok so from my first story in Classic from my first email, all of my bgs/overlays got approved which is good but when I started to create a Ll version of my first story, I updated all of my bgs/overlays, 2 of my phone message bgs got rejected and idk why. Someone made those edits for me so I don’t understand why they got rejected but I’ll show you guys.

From my first story in Classic from my first email

Now my first story but in Ll version

What did I do wrong or what do I do? Please help someone.

properly diffrent people who have approve them, I seen stuff approve their clerly broke the rules, like one story had a hello kitty in it, that was clerly breaking a copyright law, and seen stolen art approve many times.

now I dont know why yours wasent approve, maybe its because you call, it iphone, but thats just a guesss, are you sure its copyright free?


Maybe it’s the name of the provider at the top left? I’m not sure. It seems quite random.

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Yes, I got the bg from Pixabay and someone made an edit for me bc I asked her too

And ohh, that’s the editor watermake, so it would prove that that person made this edit for me

But it wasn’t a problem when I updated it from my first email tho

Did they say why it was rejected?


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I think I know why!

I’ve noticed it said “Sprint LTE”, as the wifi. Which is a copyright for episode bc that’s a real wifi I believe.

So whoever made it has to remove or at least change the wifi to smth episode related.

Even the one that had gotten approved too cuz that’s a violation of copyrights, even if it gotten approved.

If this doesn’t work, maybe they thought the creator’s watermark was a brand of smth and you have to resend it again. Cuz one of my edit overlays in the limelight version got rejected and I resend it again and it got approved.


Ohh, now I understand. Thanks and I’ll get in contact with the editor

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