I’m sick and tired of this problem! (Loop)

Hi everyone,

Back at it again with this problem! A couple of readers messaged me that there’s a loop in episode 1. It’s only the first episode, and the loop starts after different scenes. I need someone who can read my script for any errors…

I already contacted Episode about this issue, since only a couple of readers experience this:

I don’t know what else to do… I’m losing readers because of this problem!

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wait wut do u mean loop problem?
Like A scene keeps coming on at random moments???

Instead of going to the next episode, it jumps back at the beginning of episode 1. I only have this problem with episode 1. The weirdest thing is the loop starts after different scenes🤨.

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so its only with certain readers right?
I would review the script… (idk y epsiode be like dis tho)
Ye and the only thing u can do is tell them to send a support ticket :pensive:

That must be super annoying. I could only try and help if I could see the script. If you’re able to either post it here or PM it to me then I’ll happily take a look and see if there’s an error in the script. Don’t stress ! I’m sure it’ll get sorted soon :heart:

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