I’m so confused!?

Ok so I am making story and it’s really annoying!
So I make a part and then go out of it and close out the app. Then when I go back into the app and in the story it’s all there but I won’t let me edit or put anything new in it! And then when I tap on a character in a scene it disappears! Please help!

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Hi @Blonde_Glasses_Girl ! So many people are experiencing this issue, so you are not alone. Have you tried sending a help ticket to Episode? Unfortunately, the reply you might get is “oh, we’re sorry. We are currently trying to fix it, blah blah. Use script, instead.” I know it doesn’t help, but letting Episode know might help them know that lots of people are experiencing the issue!

Hey if you could pm me the link to the ticket form that would be great!

Of course! :slight_smile:

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The link to submit a help ticket is below. It’s a forum on how to and it explains everything! Make sure to have your backup ID, it’s located in settings.



No problem! Enjoy your day! :slight_smile:

U too!