I’m so frickin confused?

I’m so flipping confused right now- like I see so many artists and editors being able to create custom poses for covers, art and stuff. And I’ve seen a thread that explains how to do it on Ibis paint x. But I’m still confused lmao.

Like one thread told me some people make the legs/arms or eyes part into png overlays then add it to the character thingy then- OK IM NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING STUFF :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

If anyone can please explain this confusion to me. I would appreciate it. And I would sooo owe you because ive been tryna figure this out for 13 minutes :laughing:


You can either use random pose references or have Episode characters to use as a reference. An example might be to outline the character or limb and trace over that. Use a skin pallet for shading and colour. It is possible to do.

It honestly takes a lot of practice. Taking screenshots of a character doing different actions then cutting and pasting different limbs and facial expressions together can give you a pose. Otherwise, use pose references from google (make sure they are free to use and you give the required credit). What I’ve learned as an artist is that you can’t always rely on how other people do things. It may be helpful, but the only person who can create art in their own way is you. Through trial and error, you’ll be able to create something pretty and find your own techniques. Just play with features until you’re ready to properly make your art.

@jazzysab13 @ellarosescott99

Thanks! I’ll be sure to take what you’ve both said into thought!