I’m starting my first story.. Any tips and advices?

I’m starting my first episode on my story called : If Only You Were Mine so any tips to spare?


Just good luck…
and always be confident about your work…

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I have a thread with alot of tips and ways you can plan out your story, It might help you so I’ll link it here :)) All the best with your story!

Hey congrats on starting ur first new story!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i have some tips which would hopefully help u when writing.

  1. Plan as much as u can the directing, dialogues, backgrounds,transitions and stuff like that cuz then u wont waste time and stuff when u start coding cuz coding usually takes a lot of time.
  2. Always proofread ur script and always preview if there are any errors or anything like that, i would say at least 3-5 times cuz it really helps.
  3. This point is based on personal preferences which is to not escalate your story too fast and develop your story. Its just my opinion cuz i personally dont like stories that move so fast without character development and stuff like that. Im sorry if this offended u in any way or something, i just thought of letting u know my opinion❤
  4. Create cliffhangers and suspense in your story which will make your readers more interested in your story and wanting to read more. It will make your story more interesting and people will commit to your story.
  5. Be very creative with directing and stuff like that cuz then it makes your story more unique and stuff, like for example doing overlays, zooms and stuff like that can be used in your story.
  6. Character customization is an important thing in my opinion cuz then the readers would play in your story based on their own made characters.
  7. Again a personal preference thing which is to not make the intro too long cuz some readers may not like it, its just my opinion again.
  8. This is a very important thing which is to not dissapear and never update and stuff like that, but remember that it is ok to take breaks and stuff.
  9. Its the quality that matter rather than the quantity. Its best to write a good quality episode even though it takes time rather than being in a rush and updating an episode just by writing anything.
  10. Alright so as a last thing i would say it goodluck and dont be too down on yourself if your story doesnt reach the expectations u were thinking, we are all here and to support u if u ever need any kind of help or anything​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: and im sorry if there was anything i said that would have offended u in any way.

thank you! It doesn’t offend me at all, some people might be in this situation but opinions matter alot to me especially when it comes to my writing <3

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Thanks, that helps a lot!

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Just remember its ok to get frustrated about something because its not coming out the way you want. Always keep your head up. Also know in advance that when you first put out your story your reads are not going to blow up. Try to put it out and be consistent

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There’s a lot of great advice on this thread. In addition, I think it’s really important to go into it determined. I’m not going to lie to you, coding is way harder than it looks when you start. Eventually though, it becomes easier than it looks. It’s all just a matter of being determined, sticking to it, and working to improve your skills. You probably aren’t going to be amazing off the bat, and that’s okay. I only started coding in May and I remember crying out of frustration at the most basic things, and then last month I got featured as an Editor’s Pick basically on my coding alone. The skill will come in time.

Tied into the coding business- try not to use too many templates. Templates for things like dressing games and the like are fine, but if you’re on the forums looking for templates for everything, you’re never going to learn to do it for yourself and your story will be stunted because you’ll be limited to the templates other people share. That being said…

Ask for help! If you get stuck, the forums are always active. Have fun, make friends in the community here and on Instagram. If you have people around you, they will help you and your story be the best you can be. My friends and I often read each other’s stories before we publish, give feedback, ask each other questions, exchange backgrounds and overlays, even code short scenes for each other. Having people around makes the whole thing more fun.

Your story probably isn’t going to be a massive hit off the bat, and that’s okay. Most people’s aren’t. The minute you finish your story and put that [COMPLETE] in the title, your reads will skyrocket. My first story hit 2K reads the day I finished, and now it’s at 16K. People prefer to binge read. If you persevere until the end, your efforts will be rewarded.

Write for yourself, not for the reads, not for the fame, not for the popularity. Do it because you love it, because it’s a creative outlet, because you’re trying to learn and improve. If you do that, you won’t get down on yourself when your reads are slow and you’re not an instant star. YOU WILL GET THERE!

Good luck! I’m happy to help with any specific questions you may have :blush:


I find it helpful to watch Joseph Evans on youtube he has a lot of great videos on how to do different things on episode. You got this! :grin: :heart:

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  • Stay away from cliches
  • Write what you want to read
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Plan to at least a certain degree

I am too. I have some accounts you can check out too for tips on planning:

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This thread had some great advice!